About Ellen Leventhal

About Ellen Leventhal
Ellen Leventhal

Children’s Writer & Educator

Email: Ellen@EllenLeventhal.com
Phone: (713) 446-8903

I’m an author and educator based in Houston, Texas. I teach part time and write mostly children’s stories. I love what I do.
About Me
  • I grew up in New Jersey and thought that everyone in Texas rode a horse. I was kind of disappointed when I realized I needed a car.
  • I’ve lived in Houston since 1983 and raised my two boys here. Now I am Nana to the most adorable little native Texans ever! Both their Pops and I agree.
  • I’ve been in education for more years than I’d like to say, but still love working with kids.
  • I have been writing for as long as I can remember. When we were supposed to be doing math in school, I was writing poems about how much I hated math.
  • As a kid, I wrote stories and poems for almost every occasion. Some were decent, but most were pretty bad. That didn’t deter me. I still like writing poems for family and friends.
  • I also write short stories for both kids and adults. I giggle when I write my adult stories.
  • I LOVE doing school author visits.
  • One of my great pleasures is wandering the aisles in book stores. I used to stop in book stores and say to myself “I could do that!”
  • And then…my friend Ellen Rothberg and I put the pedal to the metal and entered a contest for picture book writers. We won!
  • Don’t Eat the Bluebonnets was our first book, followed by Hayfest, A Holiday Quest, and then Bully in the Barnyard.
  • And of course, I LOVE school author visits!
Fun Facts
  • Chocolate and dogs are among my favorite things. Snakes are not. (Sorry, snake lovers, it’s just a fact.)
  • I like to travel and get inspiration from other cultures. But I over pack. Every time.
  • I am a Houston Astros fan.
  • Did I mention I LOVE doing school author visits? :)
The CTW’s students’ lives have been infused with a whole new love of reading thanks to you and your beloved books, and our jobs as librarians and teachers have been made a little easier too! We look forward to many more visits from one of our favorite authors.
Fonnie Stephens, Librarian, Carroll T Welch Intermediate School
It was such a pleasure having Ellen Leventhal at Beth Yeshurun Day School. Her ability to engage the students while conveying such an important message is remarkable.
Alexandra Yudelevich, School Counselor, Beth Yeshurun Day School
Confident and entertaining, Ellen is a wonderful public speaker that is naturally easy to listen to and she instills a contagious enthusiasm for writing.
Kristin Miller, Katy Visual and Performing Arts Center