Small Successes

Each January first, I beat myself up. Not literally, of course, but it’s still pretty painful.  I focus on everything I did not accomplish during the past year. Was I lazy? Not good enough? What was it? Turns out that type of thinking is...


I Am a Writer

I am a writer. There, I said it. You would think that wouldn’t be a problem, but actually saying it doesn’t come easily for me. For years all I wrote were plays for kids in schools, poems for my friends and family, and a huge number of things...



I RECENTLY POSTED THIS ON OUR SPACE CITY SCRIBES BLOG. I THOUGHT I’D SHARE IT HERE BECAUSE, AFTER ALL, SUMMER IS THE TIME FOR RE-RUNS. One teaching partner, twenty-one kids, two weeks. What can you get done in two weeks?! My obsessive, type...