It’s time!

It’s here!

It’s short!!

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, Vivian Kirkfield has challenged writers to write a short (very short!) story using only fifty words.

Did you know that Green Eggs and Ham has only fifty words? Well, only fifty unique words. Dr. Seuss  shuffled and repeated them so that his book is much longer, but still, it only has fifty unique words.

BUT always one to raise the bar, Vivian, (www.viviankirkfield.com) didn’t want us to take fifty words and repeat them until we get the number of words we wanted. Oh no, our friend, Vivian is a tough taskmaster. Our challenge was to use ONLY fifty words. Total. Yep. Now that’s a challenge.

Here is my VERY humble attempt at writing a story using only fifty words. I hope you enjoy. (But please don’t judge!)


Kyle creeps into the moonless night.

Dark, scary,




Kyle is brave.

He tiptoes closer and closer.


He digs deep into his pack,

flings something into the air.


Mmm…peanut butter.

The beast sleeps.


Kyle smiles.

He puts his pen down. 

A new adventure tomorrow. 




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