Thank You, Charles Schulz

Thank You, Charles Schulz

Thank You, Charles Schulz

Like most people today,  I’d like to wish all who celebrate, a Happy Thanksgiving and all who don’t celebrate, a Happy Thursday.  This is the time of year when everyone takes a break to be thankful. I love that, I really do. BUT, here’s the thing. What if we tried  to be thankful all year around? It’s not always easy, but the older I get, the more I realize how important it is.

Now, I am definitely guilty of not always remembering to count my blessings, and I have many.  I really do try to be grateful on a daily basis, but like everyone else, sometimes life gets in the way, and obstacles sometime seem insurmountable.

When those obstacles pop up, it is easy to wallow in misery. Trust me, I’ve done it. Why doesn’t that agent like my writing? Why did that editor say he liked something, but not get back to me? Why am I a failure? But wallowing doesn’t get things done. (OK, a day or two of chocolate and wine can help sometimes.)

After what feels like defeat, it’s often hard to get back up and try again. Even if we do have more blessings than not. Just the other day, I was struggling with something, and there appeared Charlie Brown in my Facebook feed. He was going to try to kick that football again! Even though Lucy keeps pulling it away, I do believe that Charlie Brown will make it some day. So will we all. Maybe Charlie will change his approach. Maybe one day Lucy won’t pull the ball out. But he will make it! Whatever our goals are, let’s look to Charlie. It’s not easy, but if it’s something we want, let’s keep trying. I’m not a Pollyanna who believes that just because you want it and work for it, it will happen. Sometimes things don’t work out no matter how hard you try.  However, I do believe this. After the chocolate and wine, you’ll feel much better if you work towards your goal, be it political change, a book deal, or a better relationship with a loved one. And if it doesn’t happen, at least you can say you tried. And for me at least, that’s a biggie.

On this Thanksgiving I will look around, count my blessings, and work to change what I believe needs to be changed.

So, I wish you the persistence to go after what you want, the ability to see and appreciate your blessings, and health, happiness, and peace ALL year around.


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