Women Helping Women….The Write Stuff

Women Helping Women….The Write Stuff

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Leah Eichler, Contributing Writer, Femmo-O-Nomics, writes of a conversation with an interesting conclusion. That conclusion was that women don’t help each other out. The persistence of this belief surprised her, and it is somewhat of a surprise to me.

I’ve worked with other women my whole professional career, and although I can’t say there has never been any time I felt unsupported, I am here to say those times have been few and far between. But still the perception of women as being petty and jealous continues. I understand where it comes from. Women have had to scratch and fight to get ahead. And yes, because of that, sometimes women had to compete with, as opposed to collaborate with, each other to get things done. I remember those days, and I admit that there were times where I have been caught up in that craziness. But hopefully things have changed.

I am an extremely competitive person in many ways, but I am also someone who knows the benefits and joys of collaboration. I love being part of a team. I love rooting for people who work hard and deserve rewards. And I love developing relationships based on common interests and values.

I am lucky enough to know a group of woman authors who deserve recognition for their hard work. They deserve the world to discover their creativity and drive. Most days these woman and I lead completely different lives; dealing with our separate jobs, family, and friends. But on that one day a month we meet, we are there for each other. Woman supporting woman. No jealously or pettiness. No competition. Just support. As each woman enjoys her own success, we all enjoy it with her. So let me quash the notion that woman do not support each other, and please take a look at these talented women’s websites. You’ll be happy you did.


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