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Ellen Leventhal is an author and educator based in Houston, Texas. She teaches part time and writes mostly children’s stories.

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All presentations are personalized for each school, grade level, or class

Ellen mixes and matches in order to develop the best presentation for each particular group. Fees are generally $250/half day, but Ellen will work with schools to make sure money is not a deterrent!

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Reading Strategies

Involves the children while helping them understand different reading strategies. Ellen uses a humorous power point explaining the steps to publication as well as a power point “Game Show.”

Writing Process

Includes a power point presentation focusing on the writing process. The children are involved in interactive games, and they also get a chance to write their own story.

From Idea to Publication

Focuses on the road to publication allowing the children to take part in “hands on” activities which will culminate with the children making their own book. Best done with a small number of children.

Tolerance and Anti-Bullying

Hayfest…A Holiday Quest is used as a jumping off point for discussions on inclusion and tolerance as well as the dangers of bigotry and prejudice. Anti-bullying activities are included using Bully in the Barnyard.

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It was such a pleasure having Ellen Leventhal at Beth Yeshurun Day School. Her ability to engage the students while conveying such an important message is remarkable.
Alexandra YudelevichSchool Counselor, Beth Yeshurun Day School
Confident and entertaining, Ellen is a wonderful public speaker that is naturally easy to listen to and she instills a contagious enthusiasm for writing.
Kristin MillerKaty Visual and Performing Arts Center
Ellen Leventhal was a joy to have at our school! Our students were so engaged, they didn't even realize they were learning about cause and effect and the writing process!
Julie FrancoLibrarian, Clint ISD
The CTW’s students’ lives have been infused with a whole new love of reading thanks to you and your beloved books, and our jobs as librarians and teachers have been made a little easier too!
Fonnie StephensLibrarian, Carroll T Welch Intermediate School